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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 30.2 Traditional Publishing

Suppose that you have engaged a publisher to help you manufacture a physical copy of your book or research article. Publishers vary greatly in their expectations for what you provide to them. (And maybe you are your own publisher, see Chapter 43.)
If your publisher wants to run with camera-ready copy from you as a PDF, you should be in good shape. With the print option (versus electronic, see Section 30.1) and a bit of effort to control widows, orphans, and figure placement, you should be able to produce something very good by yourself.
In mathematics, computer science, physics, or economics, a publisher might want to work from your files, which they will assume you have written from scratch. And they may expect to be able to swap in their house class or style file to achieve the look they want. A PreTeXt file will look a bit unusual, see Section 30.17. On 2022-11-22 we have a report of a very extensive research article 1  written in PreTeXt and uploaded to the arXiv 2  preprint server, where it was successfully processed by pdflatex on the server, with only minimal hand-edits to the intermediate file. We can always improve in this area, so we welcome reports, good and bad, about the robustness of our output when delivered to publishers.
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