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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 44.7.3 Extras

Some source material is optional, and may be included based on the publisher and the audience. The values of the attributes below are filenames. They could be absolute paths (which is not very portable, and so likely a bad idea), or relative paths. In the latter case, they are relative to the source file that contains the <pretext> element (the “main” file if you have modularized your source). Temporarily using an absolute path can be useful when you are having problems with any of these files and want to eliminate one variable while debugging.
element can have the following attributes:
  • @customizations: A filename for a structured file of <custom> elements, each with a @name attribute and content meant to be substituted into source. See Section 27.1 for details about the use of customizations.
  • @private-solutions: A filename for a structured file of <hint>, <answer>, <solution> that will see limited distribution (for example, instructors only). See Section 37.2 for details about the use of a private solutions file.
  • @webwork-problems: A filename for a structured file of multiple representations of WeBWorK problems. It is now recommended that when using WeBWorK, that you also use managed directories (see Section 5.6), in which case this attribute is unsused.