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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 4.18.9 Breakable Tabulars

A <tabular> may be specified as breakable, inside of a <table> or not. Use the attribute @break set to yes. (The default is no.) This only affects conversions to formats with page breaks, such as PDF. Usually the motivation will be a <table> or <tabular> that is too long for a page, but even a shorter table can be allowed to page break.
As of 2022-07-28 this is effective for simple tables, but introduces some variations for more complex constructions. This is implemented with the longtable package, which suggests it may take up to four passes with to obtain the final version. It is also not effective for a <tabular> that is a side-by-side panel. Consult the sample article for examples where more progress is necessary.