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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 7.1.4 WeBWorK in an <exercisegroup>

An <exercisegroup> is a collection of exercises with common instructions that are put into an <introduction>. If you put WeBWorK exercises in an exercisegroup, then when the exercises are exported to .pg problem files for use as online homework from a WeBWorK server it makes sense that the instructions from the <exercisegroup>’s <introduction> should be included in the .pg file. And so they are included there. Note that they are not included when you are building HTML or output for your project. (Rather, the <exercisegroup>’s <introduction> appears in its normal place.)
You should be aware of this when you write the <exercisegroup>’s <introduction>. It impacts the specific language you should use. For example, if you write “Differentiate the following functions.” or “Differentiate each of the functions below.”, then you have language that doesn’t fit the individual problem when it is used for homework on a WeBWorK server. Instead you might write “Differentiate the function”. It makes sense as common instructions for the <exercisegroup> as well as the instructions for an individual exercise.