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The PreTeXt Guide

Chapter 28 Further Customizations

The publication file is our primary vehicle for substantially affecting the way a project is produced, see Section 26.1 for more. Varying small portions of text (on the order of a phrase) is accomplished with customizations to make different versions, see Section 27.1. Producing different versions by including, or excluding, large portions of text, on the order of paragraphs, blocks, and divisions, is accomplished with support for versions, see Section 27.2. Arranging material in different orders can be accomplished with thoughtful use of modularizing source files, see Section 5.3.
In this chapter we describe two other ways to influence output, which are in some ways are techniques a PreTeXt developer might need to be familiar with ([cross-reference to target(s) "part-developer" missing or not unique]), though a publisher might also find them useful. An author should not have any need for these techniques.