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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 4.9.19 Notes

As mentioned at the start of this section, your use of needs to also be supported by MathJax so that it may be rendered as part of an HTML page displayed in a web broswer. In addition to the information at the start of Section 4.9, this subsection has some notes that may help you navigate this situation.
  1. Generally, MathJax supports commands available in the amsmath package.
  2. You can construct, and use, your own macros, but only for mathematics, not for document structure or document management. See Subsection 4.9.12.
  3. Support for loading “extra” packages is extremely limited. See Subsection 4.9.16.
  4. The \matrix{} command, and its friends (such as \pmatrix{}) are not supported by , despite being recognized by MathJax. So use environments like \begin{matrix} and \begin{pmatrix} (with their corresponding \end{}, of course) and you will get accurate results for both formats.