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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 4.29 Video

A video is a natural way to enhance a document when rendered in an electronic format, such as HTML web pages. It might be additional information that is hard to communicate with text (marine invertebrates swimming), a lecture or presentation that augments your text, or even some artistic work, such as a symphony legally hosted on YouTube, when you could never hope to get copyright clearance yourself.
PreTeXt supports videos you own and distribute with your source, videos shared openly on the Internet via stable URLs, and videos available on YouTube. Go straight to to the end of this section to see how easy it is to incorporate a YouTube video.
HTML5 web browsers are able to play video files in three formats, summarized in the following table.
Table HTML5 video formats
Format Extension Reference
Ogg, Theora .ogg Free and open, Wikipedia 28 
WebM .webm Royalty-free, Wikipedia 29 
MPEG-4 .mp4 Patent encumbered, Wikipedia 30