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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 38.4.4 Creating Files for Uploading to WeBWorK

All of the <webwork> that you have written into your project can be “harvested” and put into their own .pg files by the pretext script. These files are created with a folder structure that follows the chunking scheme you specify. This process also creates set definition files (.def) for each chunk (say, for each section): one for inline exercises (checkpoints) and one for divisional exercises. For <webwork> problems that come from the WeBWorK server, the .def file will include them as well. This archiving process creates set header .pg files for each set definition.
For example:
$ xsltproc -stringparam publisher <publisher> pretext-ww-problem-sets.xsl aota.ptx
You may need to specify paths to these files.
With a book, you can break up your problem set into multiple files according to a chosen depth of the hierarchy. See Subsection 44.1.1 for details on how to specify this.
This creates a folder named after your book title, which has a folder tree with all of the .pg and .def files laid out according to your chunk level. You can compress this folder and upload it into an active WeBWorK course where you may then assign the sets to your students (and modify, as you like).