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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 44.3.3 Page Matching

A two-sided PDF will contain extra blank pages to ensure that certain divisions (usually parts and chapters) always open on an odd-numbered page. Since a one-sided PDF will omit these extra blank pages, the page numbers may get out of sync between the two versions. The
attribute can be used to force the page numbers back into sync by either also inserting the extra blank pages in a one-side PDF version (by setting the attribute to value add-blanks) or by simply skipping the page number for pages that would have been blank in the pagination (by setting the attribute to value skip-pages). If the attribute value is no for a one-sided PDF output (the default), then no adjustment is made and divisions open on the next consecutive page whether odd- or even-numbered.
Note that this attribute is ignored for two-sided PDF output, where extra blank pages are always inserted. Also note that page-matching between one- and two-sided PDF versions may require a consistent specification of the /publication/latex/@pageref option (Subsection 44.3.6). See Section 30.9 for a more thorough discussion of page number fidelity.