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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 4.2.3 Other Blocks

There are other blocks which can be achieved using just one element. Examples are <poem> and <assemblage>. An <exercise> can take on different behaviors, depending on its placement (see Section 4.3). One such placement is as a child of a division, which we call an inline exercise, and this would be regarded as a block, very similar to a PROJECT-LIKE. Inline exercises are hidden by default in HTML output.
A paragraph (<p>) can appear many places and is a primary component of blocks. But when it is a child of a division, it shares some charateristics with other blocks. There are a number of peers of a <p> which would then also qualify: <pre>, <blockquote>, <image>, <video>, <program>, <console>, and <tabular>. None of these can have a title or number, making them less useful, but widening the possibilities for placement.