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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 31.3 Distribution

Because the EPUB file built for Kindle is different than what we build for all other readers, you must distribute the Kindle version of your book through Amazon’s KDP. Because Amazon and Kindle have the overwhelming majority of the electronic book market in the United States, if your readers are mainly in the United States, we highly recommend that you get your Kindle version in good shape.
Distribution of the EPUB file produced by the epub-svg conversion can be done through electronic book aggregators. There are many options available, and they all take an additional commission on top of what the electronic book marketplace through which a reader buys your book takes, but using such a service can save you from needing to post your electronic book on a variety of marketplaces. Do not allow an aggregator to distribute your book to Amazon, as the math will not render properly. It is as simple as not checking the box for Amazon when signing up with an aggregator to opt out of having the aggregator send your book to Amazon.
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