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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 29.1.7 HTML Feedback Button

You can elect to have a “Feedback” button in the footer of your HTML pages. You must provide a URL via an attribute. But where that URL points, and what happens there, is your responsibility. In other words, PreTeXt is no more help here, you just get a functional button pointing somewhere of your choosing or design. An example use case may be that you want to make it very easy for your readers to submit reports of small errors, like “typos.” So you setup an online form with a free service, which will help you manage this communication. Or maybe you want to run a reader survey via a form, so you point to that.
The default text on the button is Feedback, which will be in the language in effect for the page. You can override this choice (e.g., Bug Report), but it needs to be raw text (no markup) and then it will not react to language changes for your document. See Subsection 44.4.15 for precise details.