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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 4.1.5 Keyboard Keys

If you are writing a software manual, or writing about how to use a calculator as part of a science textbook, then you might want to make it very clear which keys to press on a keyboard. The <kbd> element can hold content like Z or Caps Lock and your output will have a very nice looking keyboard key with the desired label. For example, Z and Caps Lock. For keys labeled with graphics, like the arrow keys, instead of content, provide the @name attribute with a value from the following table. Request additions to this table if you are using this feature (2019-11-22).
Table Keyboard Keys Specified by @name Attribute
left right up down
enter shift solidus /
plus + minus - times × left-paren (
obelus ÷ squared x^2 inverse x^-1 right-paren )