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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 2.1.2 Three GitHub concepts

This tutorial uses three GitHub services:
Codespaces (
The Codespace for your project is an application run in your web browser that gives you access to a virtual computer with all the software recommended to author PreTeXt installed for you automatically. This Codespace is private to you, and lives at an address like
Repository hosting (
The repository for your project represents the history of its edits that have been “committed and synced” from your Codespace to it. This repository can be public or private (though we encourage public repositories as they help the community provide support for each other), and lives at an address like
GitHub Pages (
The GitHub Pages service provides free hosting for websites such as the HTML generated from a PreTeXt project. This website is public, and lives at an address like
Broadly speaking, you “author” within your Codespace, which you periodically “commit and sync” to your repository, and then occassionally “deploy” to your public GitHub Pages website.