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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 4.9.15 Lists of Mathematical Expressions

It is common to make lists of expressions, equations, or identities. Think of the definitions of trigonometric functions, a collection of antiderivatives, or a compendium of generating functions.
In these situations, author a list item, <li>, within an <ol> or <ul>, by using only the necessary <m> element. Do not use an intervening <p>, and do not include any adjacent text. Whitespace is OK. Then PreTeXt will add ’s \displaystyle command to improve the visual appearance of the mathematics, and so you do not need to.
If you prefer to not have this behavior, insert an intervening <p>, and output will be identical, but without the \displaystyle.
Note that any text, other than whitespace, outside the <m> tag will disable this feature, including punctuation. However, according to the Chicago Manual of Style [1, 6.127], “Items carry no closing punctuation unless they consist of complete sentences.” So that comma at the end of your equation probably doesn’t belong there anyway.