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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 4.5 Cross-References and Citations

When you read a novel, you would likely read it cover-to-cover (in one sitting?) and then put it away and never read it again. But for a textbook, you may read cover-to-cover, but you may also frequently skip around, especially at exam time. And once read, it might become a reference work for you, since you know it so well. So years later you might come back looking for something. Cross-references help with all this, so use them liberally. Recognize that an index is really just a specialized way to provide an abundance of cross-references.

Best Practice Be Rational About Numbering Variations.

With distinct numbering schemes for divisions, theorems, figures, equations, and citations, along with ten different text styles for a cross-reference, plus variants, per-cross-reference settings, and text overrides, there is a huge supply of combinations. Likely you can create some really ugly cross-references. Use the flexibility sensibly.