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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 4.1.3 Structured Markup in Paragraphs

There are three categories of items which typically are structured further, and which are almost entirely restricted to appearing in a paragraph. Given their complexity, details are covered in other sections of this guide.


With only one major exception (and three minor ones), a list must appear within a paragraph. See Section 3.8 for an introduction and Section 4.11 for precise details.

Display Mathematics.

Displayed mathematics, which is a single equation or a sequence of (aligned) equations, can only be placed within a paragraph. The relevant tags are <me>, <men>, <md>, and <mdn>, with the latter two necessarily structured with <mrow> elements. See Section 3.6 for an introduction and Section 4.9 for precise details.

Display Verbatim.

The <cd> tag, by analogy with the <md> tag for displayed mathematics, may be used to display one or more lines of verbatim text (such as a series of commands), possibly structured with the <cline> tag. See Section 3.16 for an introduction and Section 4.4 for precise details.
This should not be confused with the <pre>, <console>, or <program> tags, which have slightly different uses, and all of which must be used outside of a paragraph.