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The PreTeXt Guide

Section L.6 Installing pdf2svg

The installation procedure uses git. Open Git Bash and change to your root directory:
cd /c
Clone the repository into C:\pdf2svg:
git clone pdf2svg

Subsection L.6.1 Change PATH environment variable

We need to add the pdf2svg program to the Windows PATH. This is similar to what is done above, in Subsection L.2.2.
List L.6.1. Path Environment Variable for pdf2svg
  1. Open the Start menu and start typing “Edit the system environment variables”. Select this option when it becomes visible.
  2. Click the Environment Variables button near the bottom of the dialog.
  3. In the bottom part of the dialog labeled “System environment variables”, look for a variable named PATH. You may need to scroll.
  4. If you do find the PATH variable, select it and click the Edit... button.
  5. You should see a dialog with two text fields. Your variable name should be PATH.
  6. Place the cursor in the existing value and press the End key, so that the cursor moves to the back of the line. The PATH string is a ;-delimited list of full path names, so append the string C:\pdf2svg\dist-32bits; or C:\pdf2svg\dist-64bits; (note the semicolon) to the existing value.
  7. Click OK to save changes.
Congratulations, you have successfully installed pdf2svg.
You have attempted of activities on this page.