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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 4.38 Slides

Slideshows may be authored in PreTeXt by using the following tags.
  • slideshow replaces the usual article or book tag to let PreTeXt know you are authoring a set of slides. As usual, you may then define your title, subtitle, and frontmatter.
  • Similar to articles, your content should be organized into several sections.
  • And within each section, a slide represents a full screen of information. Within a slide, you may author PreTeXt content as usual, such as paragraphs (p), lists (ul), and so on.
  • Several elements support setting the @pause attribute to the value yes to allow stepping through parts of a slide (e.g. it inserts a Beamer \pause).
A minimal working example may be found in the Examples folder of the PreTeXt repo on GitHub 44 . See publishing details for various outputs in Chapter 34.
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