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The PreTeXt Guide

Section 22.4 Index entries

PreTeXt does a good job of supporting index generation. You still need to tag everything that should get an index entry by hand, but then the index is produced automatically. For a simple index entry for the word “group”, you just use <idx>group</idx>. If you need an index entry involving subheadings, such as “normal” under “subgroup”, use <idx><h>subgroup</h><h>normal</h></idx>.
It is also possible to use “see” and “see also” entries for indices. For instance, in Chapter 11, we use
to create an index entry for “font” that instructs the reader to “see formatting”. A “see also” can be created using the <seealso> tag instead of <see>.
If the index entry is in danger of being alphabetized incorrectly, you can specify how it should be sorted with the @sortby attribute. For example, to give an index entry to \(\Sigma\) in the “s” section, you would use <idx sortby="sigma"><m>\Sigma</m></idx>. Note that if the index entry has <h> tags, the @sortby attribute should go there, not on <idx>.
If you generate PDF output from , the index is automatically generated.
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