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The PreTeXt Guide

Section A.2 Weekly Drop-Ins

Since May 2020 there has been a standing weekly online gathering of PreTeXt authors and developers on Friday afternoons. And now there is a companion session on Tuesday afternoons, and a Getting Started session on Mondays. A weekly schedule of these, and other activities, is posted to the pretext-announce Google Group, so look htere for particulars. Once in a while there are scheduled discussions on development topics or seminars on topics of interest to authors and developers (such as building an index, see Subsection 4.25.2). But mostly there is no agenda and no schedule. Come late, leave early, drop-in, drop-out. If you are present, then you are implicitly available to help someone with questions, even if you are working on something yourself. The rest of us may lurk and/or join in. We can use break-out rooms if a subgroup wants to run a discussion, work on a targeted project, or help somebody get started one-on-one. The model is the hotel lobby after dinner at a workshop, but you provide your own contraband.
So this is a great place to discuss a support question (likely with the person who wrote the code!) or a place to get involved with development.
You have attempted of activities on this page.