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The PreTeXt Guide

Subsection 4.23.8 (*) Prefaces

Multiple prefaces are a distinct possibility, and in this case providing a different <title> for each would be essential. Examples might include: “Preface to the Third Edition”, “How to Use this Book”, or “To the Student”. More ad-hoc material, such as a translator’s note, can be handled as a preface.

Best Practice Understand the Role of a Preface.

Chicago Manual of Style [1, 1.49] begins with “Material normally contained in an author’s preface includes reasons for undertaking the work, method of research, …” Note that a preface is not introductory content and is not an introduction. It is written from the author’s point-of-view, and may include information about why they are qualified to write on the topic of the book. If there are several editions, the prefaces to the newer editions are placed first. See the related Best Practice