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Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Java: The Interactive Edition

Section 6.13 Search Tree Operations

Before we look at the implementation, let’s review the interface provided by the map ADT. You will notice that this interface is very similar to the Java HashMap class.
  • Map() creates a new empty map.
  • put(key, val) adds a new key–value pair to the map. If the key is already in the map, it replaces the old value with the new value.
  • get(key) takes a key and returns the matching value stored in the map or null otherwise.
  • remove(key) deletes the key–value pair from the map. It returns the value associated with the removed key, or null if the key is not in the map.
  • size() returns the number of key–value pairs stored in the map.
  • containsKey(key) return true if the key is in the map, false otherwise.
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