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Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Java: The Interactive Edition

Section 7.5 An Adjacency List

A more space-efficient way to implement a sparsely connected graph is to use an adjacency list. In an adjacency list implementation, we keep a master list of all the vertices in the Graph object, and each vertex object in the graph maintains a list of the other vertices that it is connected to. In our implementation of the Vertex class we will use a dictionary rather than a list, where the dictionary keys are the vertices and the values are the weights. Figure 7.5.1 illustrates the adjacency list representation for the graph in Section 7.2.
Figure 7.5.1. An Adjacency List Representation of a Graph
The advantage of the adjacency list implementation is that it allows us to compactly represent a sparse graph. The adjacency list also allows us to easily find all the links that are directly connected to a particular vertex.
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