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Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Java: The Interactive Edition

Section 3.1 Objectives

  • To understand the abstract data types stack, queue, deque, and list.
  • To be able to implement the stack, queue, and deque ADTs using Java ArrayLists.
  • To understand the performance of the implementations of basic linear data structures.
  • To understand prefix, infix, and postfix expression formats.
  • To use stacks to evaluate postfix expressions.
  • To use stacks to convert expressions from infix to postfix.
  • To use queues for basic timing simulations.
  • To be able to recognize problem properties where stacks, queues, and deques are appropriate data structures.
  • To be able to implement the abstract data type list as a linked list using the node and reference pattern.
  • To be able to compare the performance of our linked list implementation with Java’s list implementation.
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