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Java, Java, Java: Object-Oriented Problem Solving, 2022E

Section 12.10 Chapter Summary

Subsection 12.10.1 Technical Terms

base case recursion parameter
computational overhead recursive case
head-and-tail algorithm recursive definition
iterative method recursive method
last-in-first-out (LIFO) self-similarity
method call stack tail recursive

Subsection 12.10.2 Important Points

  • A recursive definition is one that defines the nth case of a concept in terms of the \((n-1)\)st case plus a limiting condition. It is based on the idea of breaking a problem up into smaller, self-similar problems.
  • A recursive method is one that calls itself. It is usually defined in terms of a base case or limiting case, which stops the recursive process, and a recursive case, which breaks the method into a smaller, self-similar copy of itself. A recursion parameter is generally used to control the recursion.
  • An iterative algorithm is one that uses some kind of loop as its control structure. Any algorithm that can be done iteratively can also be done recursively, and vice versa.
  • Because method calling is relatively costly both in terms of memory used and CPU time involved, a recursive algorithm is generally less efficient than an iterative one that does the same thing.
  • In designing recursive algorithms, the base case defines a limit. Each level of recursion should make progress toward the limit, and the algorithm should eventually reach the limit. The limit is usually expressed in terms of the recursion parameter.
  • A recursive method is tail recursive if and only if each of its recursive calls is the last action executed by the method.
  • A Swing JComboBox component is used to represent a GUI drop-down menu.

Solutions 12.10.3 Solutions to Self-Study Exercises

12.1 Introduction
12.1.1 Recursion as Repetition

Self-Study Exercises

12.2 Recursive Definition
12.2.2 Drawing a Nested Pattern

Self-Study Exercises Recursive definition: 2^n. Recursive definition: x^n.

12.3 Recursive String Methods
12.3.1 Printing a String

Self-Study Exercise

12.3.2 Printing the String Backward

Self-Study Exercises

12.3.3 Counting Characters in a String

Self-Study Exercises

12.3.4 Translating a String

Self-Study Exercise

12.3.5 Printing all Possible Outcomes when Tossing N Coins

Self-Study Exercise

12.4 Recursive Array Processing
12.4.2 Information Hiding

Self-Study Exercise

12.4.3 Recursive Selection Sort

Self-Study Exercises

12.5 Example: Drawing (Recursive) Fractals
12.5.1 Nested Squares

Self-Study Exercises


Self-Study Exercises
12.6.1. printReverse() tail recursive?
12.6.2. countChar() tail recursive?

12.9 From the Java Library: javax.swing.JComboBox
12.9.1 A JComboBoxExample

Self-study Exercises
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