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Section 5.9 Circuit Playground

Here is a circuit you can edit.
{ "width":600, "height":500, "showToolbox":true, "toolbox":[ {"type":"DC","label":"Power"}, {"type":"LED"}, {"type":"Toggle"}, {"type":"NOT"}, {"type":"AND"}, {"type":"OR"}, {"type":"XOR"}, {"type":"Joint"} ], "devices":[ {"type":"Toggle","id":"dev0","x":120,"y":96,"label":"Input1","state":{"on":false}}, {"type":"DC","id":"dev1","x":40,"y":160,"label":"Power"}, {"type":"Toggle","id":"dev2","x":120,"y":216,"label":"Input2","state":{"on":false}} ], "connectors":[ {"from":"dev0.in0","to":"dev1.out0"}, {"from":"dev2.in0","to":"dev1.out0"} ]}
  • To add a component, drag it into the circuit area.
  • To delete a component, drag it from the circuit area back to the component palette.
  • To connect two components, click on the yellow (input) circle of one component and drag to the white (output) circle of another component, then release.
  • To disconnect two components, click the yellow circle where the connecting line ends and release.
  • Double-click the label of a component to rename it.
  • Make sure to start your circuit with DC - connect it to Toggles to be your inputs.
  • Control-Click switches between visual mode and a text version of your circuit. To save a circuit, switch to text mode, then copy the text and save it in a text file on your computer. To load the circuit, make sure the circuit is in text mode, paste in your saved text, then switch back to visual mode.
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