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Section 1.1 Computer Engineering

Computer Engineers research, design, and test computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and related equipment. They need to understand computer programming, as they are the ones who design the hardware that runs programs, but in general, their work is more focused on the hardware itself.

Subsection 1.1.1 Typical careers

  1. Computer engineer

Subsection 1.1.2 Education

To work in this field you need a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. At some schools, instead of a separate Computer Engineering degree, students specialize in that field while earning a degree in Electrical Engineering. In addition to a deep knowledge of computer hardware and some programming knowledge, Computer Engineers need to do significant coursework in general engineering principles, physics, and math.

Subsection 1.1.3 Knowledge Domains

This diagram illustrates the knowledge areas required in this field. A 5 represents a very high degree of required expertise while a 1 represents a minimal amount.


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Figure 1.1.1. Computer science knowledge domains.
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