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Section 32.1 Extending Your Programming Skills

Are you interested in extending your knowledge of Python or using it to solve problems of your own design? Here are some resources to check out.

Subsection 32.1.1 Full Python On The Web

There are many websites where you can write and test Python programs. However, unlike this book, which supports a limited set of Python libraries, these sites usually support all the common Python libraries. (This book is more limited because it turns your Python code into Javascript so it can run directly in the web browser. These sites run your code on a server using “real” Python.)
Here are two options:
  • replit
  • online-python

Subsection 32.1.2 Python On Your Computer

is a super simple editor for writing Python to run on your computer. It will automatically install a copy of Python, so you can install Thonny and start writing code without worrying about anything else.
is another good choice for getting started writing Python to run on your computer.
You can also install Python <> and use any text editor you like to write code. This route is only recommended if you already are used to using text editors and working from the command prompt.

Subsection 32.1.3 More Python

How To Think Like A Computer Scientist
is a free ebook that covers basic concepts in more depth than this book and extends to much more advanced programming topics. If you want to get serious about Python programming, check it out.

Subsection 32.1.4 Applications

There are Python libraries for making games (PyGame, Panda3D), for making applications that have Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) - buttons, windows, etc… (tkinter, Kivy), for doing data science on large data collections (Pandas, NumPy), and just about anything else you can think of. Use google to look for “Python YOUR_INTEREST” and see what you can find.
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