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Exercises 18.9 Chapter Exercises

Create your own drawing using turtle graphics. You should use multiple colors, and your design must be complicated enough to feature multiple procedures, including at least one procedure that calls other procedures you have written.
Here are some ideas:
  • The current year number as block-style digits on a colored background.
  • A multicolor flag on a flagpole.
  • A few trees and a sun shining on them.
  • A snowman with a three-part body and two arms.
Remember that although we can’t make curves, you can draw circles by setting a large pensize and then doing forward(1) to make a colored dot.


Use this space to describe the procedures you will write. Like in my design, don’t worry about writing code yet, just describe the parts of the task. Try to make sure that each one is simple enough to do in about ~10 lines of code. If it sounds more complex than that, break it down further and design procedures that will do the various sub-problems.


Now use this space to implement your program.
Write one procedure at a time and test as you go!
You have attempted of activities on this page.