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Section 31.9 Chapter Concept Summary

This chapter included the following concepts from computing.
  • Text Files - Files in which data is stored as ASCII text. Thus even numbers are stored as strings. These files are easy for humans to work with, but less efficient for computers.
  • Binary Files - Files in which data is stored in its raw binary form. This is more efficient for computers to work with, but very difficult for humans to work with unless they use special tools.

Subsection 31.9.1 Summary of Python Keywords and Functions

  • Close - The close procedure closes a file after you are done processing it.
  • Open - The open procedure opens the passed file for either reading or writing.
  • Split - The split function can be called on a string to break it up at a specified character into a list of strings. For example, if message = "Nora,Jones,15" then message.split(",") would return ['Nora', 'Jones', '15'].
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