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Section 22.9 Chapter Summary

This chapter included the following concepts from computing.
  • Accumulator Pattern - The accumulator pattern is a set of steps that processes a list of values. One example of an accumulator pattern is the code to sum a list of numbers.
  • Comparison Operators - The symbols like == or < used to compare values and come up with a True or False answer .
  • Logical Expression - An expression that produces a Boolean True/False value.
  • While Loop - A loop that continues as long as a logical expression is true. While loops are used when we want to say “do these steps as long as…” instead of “do these steps for each of these values” (which is a for loop).

Subsection 22.9.1 Summary of Python Keywords and Functions

  • while - Used with a logical expression as while expression: to construct a loop that continues as long as the expression is true.
  • True/False - The literal values that can be used to represent a logical true or false value.
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