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Section 4.9 Summary of Turtle Methods

Table 4.9.1.
Method Parameters Description
Turtle None Creates and returns a new turtle object
forward distance Moves the turtle forward
backward distance Moves the turle backward
right angle Turns the turtle clockwise
left angle Turns the turtle counter clockwise
up None Picks up the turtles tail
down None Puts down the turtles tail
color color name Changes the color of the turtle’s tail
fillcolor color name Changes the color of the turtle will use to fill a polygon
heading None Returns the current heading
position None Returns the current position
goto x,y Move the turtle to position x,y
begin_fill None Remember the starting point for a filled polygon
end_fill None Close the polygon and fill with the current fill color
dot None Leave a dot at the current position
stamp None Leaves an impression of a turtle shape at the current location
shape shape name Should be ‘arrow’, ‘classic’, ‘turtle’, ‘circle’ or ‘square’
Once you are comfortable with the basics of turtle graphics you can read about even more options on the Python Docs Website 1 . Note that we will describe Python Docs in more detail in the next chapter.

Note 4.9.2.

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