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Section 7.1 Worked Example: Writing Method Headers

Subsection 7.1.1 Subgoals for Writing Methods

  1. Define method header based on problem

  2. Define return statement at the end

  3. Define method body/logic

    1. Determine types of logic (expression, selection, loop, etc)

    2. Define internal variables

    3. Write statements

You can watch this video or read through the content below it.

Problem: Write a public method header that accepts as parameters 2 integers and a String in this order and calculates the maximum time of something and returns a double value.

For this Worked Exmaple, we will focus on SG1: Define method header based on problem.

  • When you pick your method name:

    • Make it something related to the use of the method.

    • Recall that method names are never capitalized at the first letter.

    • We will call this method maxTime

  • A full method header contains:

    • access modifier,

    • return type,

    • method name, and

    • full parameter list (data type parameter_name)

Figure 7.1.1.
public void maxTime (int a, int b, String c) {}

A call to this method would look like:

double x = obj.maxTime(5, 3, "happy");

Subsection 7.1.2 Practice Pages

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