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Section 1.6 Expressions-WE2-P2

Subgoals for evaluating an assignment statement.

  1. Determine resultant data type of expression
  2. Update variable for pre operators based on side effect
  3. Solve arithmetic equation, operator precedence
  4. If = statement, is Left Hand Side (LHS) a variable? Check data type of copied value against data type of variable
  5. Update variable for post operators based on side effect

Subsection 1.6.1

int alpha = 2, beta = 1, delta = 3, gamma;
final int eta = 10;
double omega = 2.5, theta = -1.3, kappa = 3.0, lambda, rho;

Exercises Exercises

Q14: gamma = beta + alpha;
What is the value of gamma?
Q15: rho = delta;
What is the value of rho?
    Q16: eta = 42;
    Why is this statement invalid?
  • cannot assign a double to an int variable
  • eta does not have a value
  • eta is a constant
  • cannot assign an int to a double variable
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