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Section 1.15 Expressions-WE5-P1

Subsection 1.15.1 Subgoals for evaluating an assignment statement

  1. Determine resultant data type of expression
  2. Update variable for pre-increment or pre-decrement operators (side effect)
  3. Evaluate arithmetic expression according to operator precedence
  4. If an assignment statement (=), is Left Hand Side (LHS) a variable? Check data type of value against data type of variable.
  5. Update variable for post-increment or post-decrement operators (side effect)
For all given problems below indicate if the code is valid or invalid. Each problem is independent of the others (e.g. Question 2 does not depend on Question 1, only the “Given” code).

Subsection 1.15.2 Expressions-WE5-P1

int alpha = 2, beta = 1, delta = 3, eta, gamma;
double omega = 2.5, theta = -1.3, kappa = 3.0, lambda, rho;

Exercises Exercises

    Q30: delta += alpha;
  • valid
  • invalid
    Q31: alpha *= beta + delta ;
  • valid
  • invalid
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