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Section 3.1 Adding Students to your Course

When you created the course, you chose a project name. Give that text string to students. They will register on the site and enter that string as their course name. If you've forgotten what the string is, you can see it displayed on the Course selection page 1 . You can access that page by clicking on the person icon at the top right of the window and then selecting Change Course.

Note 3.1.1.

Students will register for a course following the same procedures that were described Section 1. You just need to provide them with the text string for the course name.

You can also pre-register your students by creating a CSV file and uploading that file through the instructor interface. Pull down the 👤 menu and Choose Instructor Page then click on the button for Manage Students. You will see a page like this:

Figure 3.1.2. Register your Students

You can create a csv file in your favorite spreadsheet program and then export it to a csv or you can simply edit a textfile, whatever works for you. But note that some versions of Excel add a lot of empty columns and rows that really confuse our importer! Please check the csv file in a text editor before you upload it to runestone. Also note that if the csv file has any problems, like a duplicate username, nothing will be changed on the runestone server. The format of the file MUST be as shown in the figure.


Notice – There are no spaces after the commas. Excel is horrible at exporting it will add extra blank fields and lines that look like ,,,,,,,, Once you export from excel its best to clean things up in your favorite text editor.

When the file is created you can choose it and upload it to Runestone. It will verify the fields and if there are no errors it will register the students. The most common error is that the username is a duplicate. Usernames are the primary way we identify students and they must be unique. With over 120,000 students in the database there are bound to be duplicates. This is not a bug, it is a sign of growth.

If you add students to your class later you need to create a new CSV file just for them (or have them register themselves). Adding students to the end of your previous spreadsheet will result in lots of error messages about duplicate usernames.

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