7.5. Data Map App

This lesson has students build a complex data map app that uses two files for data, a geojson state features file and a spreadsheet with data about each state.

Professional Development

The Student Lesson: Complete the activities for Mobile CSP Unit 7 Lesson 7.5: Data Map App .


  • Presentation system (LCD projector/Interactive whiteboard)
  • Access to computer, laptop, or Chromebook (install the Companion app on Chromebooks)
  • Access to mobile device with the Companion app installed or access to the emulator installed on the computer or laptop.
  • Data Map App Tutorial (video or text version)

7.5.1. Learning Activities

Estimated Length: 45 minutes

  • Hook/Motivation (5 minutes): Watch the preview video.
  • Experiences and Exploration (30 minutes):
    • Tutorial Walkthrough (15 minutes): Have students follow the tutorial for the Data Map App.
    • Extensions (20 minutes): Students should attempt the extensions as time allows.
  • Rethink, Reflect, and Revise (5 minutes): Review the concepts of data visualizations in maps and using files. Students should complete the self-check exercises and portfolio reflection questions.

AP Classroom

The College Board's AP Classroom provides a question bank and Topic Questions. You may create a formative assessment quiz in AP Classroom, assign the quiz (a set of questions), and then review the results in class to identify and address any student misunderstandings. The following are suggested topic questions that you could assign once students have completed this lesson.

Suggested Topic Questions:

  • Topic 2.3 Extracting Information from Data
  • Topic 2.4 Using Programs with Data

7.5.2. Professional Development Reflection

Discuss the following questions with other teachers in your professional development program.

  • How does this lesson involve abstraction?
    I am confident I can teach this lesson to my students.
  • 1. Strongly Agree
  • 2. Agree
  • 3. Neutral
  • 4. Disagree
  • 5. Strongly Disagree