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ImportantIf you are an instructor please use your institutional email address so we can verify your instructor status. If we cannot verify your status as an instructor your course will be removed.

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Registration Hints

Runestone uses usernames to keep track of you. Please write it down somewhere if you're likely to forget it. In the field for the coursename please use the name your instructor gave you or use one of the following for our open, public courses

  • thinkcspy for How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
  • fopp for Foundations of Python Programming
  • pythonds for Problem Solving with Algorithms and data structures
  • StudentCSP for the AP CS Principles
  • csawesome AP CS A Java Course 2019
  • apcsareviewReview for AP CS A Java Exam
  • httlads for How to Think like a Data Scientist
  • cppds for Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using C++
  • pythonedSpanish Language Edition of pythonds
  • webfundamentalsFundamentals of Web Programming
  • learnwebgl2Learn Computer Graphics using WebGL