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The College Board puts the annual cost of textbooks and materials at $1,168! Our mission is to provide you with high quality textbooks at no charge!

Would you please consider a donation of $10 to support our work? If you are an instructor could your department make a contribution? We allow you to use Runestone for free, but it definitely is not free. Runestone takes lots of work and server resources.

Registration Hints

Runestone uses usernames to keep track of you. Please write it down somewhere if you're likely to forget it. In the field for the coursename please use the name your instructor gave you are use one of the following for our open, public courses

  • thinkcspy for How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
  • pythonds for Problem Solving with Algorithms and data structures
  • StudentCSP for the AP CS Principles
  • JavaReview for the AP Java Review
  • pip2 for Programs, Information, People

Your Privacy

The books provided on Runestone Academy are free and open source. They are for educational purposes. As part of our educational mission we do collect usage data to help us better understand how you learn and how you use our books. In exchange, we may use this data to make decisions about revisions to the content, and we may use this data to publish academic papers. We would never publish anything that revealed your identity. We may share this data with fellow educational researchers, but rest assured that all personally identifying information will be anonymized before we do. If you have questions about this please feel free to contact us.