7.7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This lesson provides an introduction to the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With machine learning a computer learns how to perform a task or solve a problem not by being given a traditional program to solve the problem, but by being given lots of data examples of correct and incorrect solutions to the problem.

Professional Development

The Student Lesson: Complete the activities for Mobile CSP Unit 7: Lesson on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


  • Computer lab with projection system
  • Video (2 minutes) on Machine Learning.

7.7.1. Learning Activities

Estimated Length: 70-90 minutes

  • Hook/Motivation (5 minutes): Have students try Google Quick Draw which uses machine learning to recognize doodles. Ask students how do you think it learns to recognize them? After 5 guesses, quick draw will show you the summary where you can click on each doodle and it will show you the closest matches.
  • Experiences and Explorations (60-80 minutes):
    • Video Presentation (10 minutes): Show the video (2 minutes) on Machine Learning embedded in the course page and discuss.
    • Teachable Machine Activity (20 minutes): Have the students explore the Teachable Machine activity embedded in the course. Have them work in pairs to do the suggested experiments.
    • Video Presentation (20 minutes): Show the following video (12 mins) about algorithmic bias and discuss.
    • Algorithmic Bias POGIL Activity (20 minutes): Worksheet to complete this POGIL Activity.
  • Rethink, Reflect and/or Revise (5 minutes): Discuss the self-check vocabulary, exercises, and reflection questions.
  • Still Curious videos: If you have remaining time, watch the very interesting videos in the Still Curious section.

AP Classroom

The College Board's AP Classroom provides a question bank and Topic Questions. You may create a formative assessment quiz in AP Classroom, assign the quiz (a set of questions), and then review the results in class to identify and address any student misunderstandings.The following are suggested topic questions that you could assign once students have completed this lesson.

Suggested Topic Questions:

  • Topic 5.3 Computing Bias

Assessment Opportunities and Solutions

Solutions Note: Solutions are only available to verified educators who have joined the Teaching Mobile CSP Google group/forum in Unit 1.

Assessment Opportunities

You can examine students’ work on the interactive exercise and their reflection portfolio entries to assess their progress on the following learning objectives. If students are able to do what is listed there, they are ready to move on to the next lesson.

Differentiation: More Practice

If students are struggling with lesson concepts, have them review the resources in the Still Curious section of the lesson.

Differentiation: Enrichment

For students needing additional challenges, have them explore the resources in the Still Curious section of the lesson and do more of the experiments on Google AI Experiments.

7.7.2. Professional Development Reflection

Discuss the lesson with other teachers in your professional development program.

    I am confident I can teach this lesson to my students.
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  • 3. Neutral
  • 4. Disagree
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