Lesson Plan 2 - Biases in AI

In this lesson, students will be introduced to AI bias and some ways to reduce or eliminate biases in their programs. Students will also use and modify an Alexa skill built in MIT App Inventor. You should review the lesson plan and slides as well as try completing the student lesson yourself. After reviewing the student lesson and teacher materials, answer the reflection questions at the bottom of this page.


Estimated Length: 45 minutes

Complete the Tutorial

In this lesson, your students build out the Good Morning, Space Alexa Skill. Go to the Hour of AI login page. Log in and try building the skill, but also focus on familiarizing yourself with the MIT App Inventor interface. You may use this text-version of the tutorial or following along with the video tutorial below.

Lesson Plan

Review the lesson plan.


Review the slides.

Professional Development Reflection

After reviewing the contents of this page, please answer the following reflection questions:

    I am confident I can teach this lesson to my students.
  • 1. Strongly agree
  • 2. Agree
  • 3. Disagree
  • 4. Strongly Disagree

Q-4: What additional support and/or materials would you need to implement this lesson?

Q-5: In 1-2 sentences, explain how the instructional strategies used in this lesson support the CS learning.

You have attempted of activities on this page