Training 0 - Welcome to Alexa in Space

Welcome to Mobile CSP's Alexa in Space! We are excited to have you use this unit for the Hour of AI. This asynchronous training module will provide you with guidance on how to implement the module with your students. We invite you to work through the materials at your own pace before CSEdWeek. If you have any questions as you are working, please reach out to us at

Training Dates: The training module will open November 17, 2022 and should be completed at your own pace by December 2, 2022.

Training Estimate: 4.5 hours

Additional Support: PD Facilitators will be available to assist during office hours November 17-December 9. You can view the schedule for office hours. Office hours allow us to answer questions and work with you on YOUR schedule! You may also email us at any time at or


Estimated Length: 5 minutes

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