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Applied Discrete Structures

Chapter 9 Graph Theory


Draw some lines joining dots in set \(A\)
To some dots in set \(B\text{.}\) Then we say
It’s bipartite if we
Have no “\(B\)” joined to “\(B\)
And no “\(A\)” joined to “\(A\)”. That okay?
Chris Howlett, The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form
This chapter has three principal goals. First, we will identify the basic components of a graph and some of the features that many graphs have. Second, we will discuss some of the questions that are most commonly asked of graphs. Third, we want to make the reader aware of how graphs are used. In Section 9.1, we will discuss these topics in general, and in later sections we will take a closer look at selected topics in graph theory.
Chapter 10 will continue our discussion with an examination of trees, a special type of graph.