Now that Sheets is more familiar and you know how it can hold data, you will learn how Sheets can also be used to organize that data. Sheets has functions that allow you to filter as well as group data. For example, if you had the table below you could use filtering and grouping to more easily display certain data.

Table containing basic data for 23 people.

Above is a table with some standard information collected from a group of 23 people. This data is fictional. Below is the same data from this table after filtering and grouping are separately applied.

The same table after applying a filter.

This is an example of filtering the data to only see rows of people whose city is Los Angeles.

The same table after applying grouping.

This is an example of grouping the data to count the number of people in this dataset who are from Los Angeles.

Don’t worry if this is confusing. These examples are meant to help you become more familiar with applications of filtering and grouping on a data set.

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