15.2. Parsing XML

Here is a simple application that parses some XML and extracts some data elements from the XML:

What do you think this code will print? Run it to see what it actually prints.

The triple single quote ('''), as well as the triple double quote ("""), allow for the creation of strings that span multiple lines.

Calling fromstring converts the string representation of the XML into a “tree” of XML elements. When the XML is in a tree, we have a series of methods we can call to extract portions of data from the XML string. The find function searches through the XML tree and retrieves the element that matches the specified tag.

Name: Chuck
Attr: yes

Using an XML parser such as ElementTree has the advantage that while the XML in this example is quite simple, it turns out there are many rules regarding valid XML, and using ElementTree allows us to extract data from XML without worrying about the rules of XML syntax.

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