17.11. Exercises

  1. Add a distanceFromPoint method that works similar to distanceFromOrigin except that it takes a Point as a parameter and computes the distance between that point and self.

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  1. Add a method reflect_x to Point which returns a new Point, one which is the reflection of the point about the x-axis. For example, Point(3, 5).reflect_x() is (3, -5)

  1. Add a method slope_from_origin which returns the slope of the line joining the origin to the point. For example,

    >>> Point(4, 10).slope_from_origin()

    What cases will cause your method to fail? Return None when it happens.

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  1. The equation of a straight line is “y = ax + b”, (or perhaps “y = mx + c”). The coefficients a and b completely describe the line. Write a method in the Point class so that if a point instance is given another point, it will compute the equation of the straight line joining the two points. It must return the two coefficients as a tuple of two values. For example,

    >>> print(Point(4, 11).get_line_to(Point(6, 15)))
    >>> (2, 3)

    This tells us that the equation of the line joining the two points is “y = 2x + 3”. When will your method fail?

  1. Add a method called move that will take two parameters, call them dx and dy. The method will cause the point to move in the x and y direction the number of units given. (Hint: you will change the values of the state of the point)

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  1. Given three points that fall on the circumference of a circle, find the center and radius of the circle.

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