8.9. Structures as return typesΒΆ

You can write functions that return structures. For example, findCenter takes a Rectangle as an argument and returns a Point that contains the coordinates of the center of the Rectangle:

Point findCenter (Rectangle& box) {
  double x = box.corner.x + box.width/2;
  double y = box.corner.y + box.height/2;
  Point result = {x, y};
  return result;

To call this function, we have to pass a box as an argument (notice that it is being passed by reference), and assign the return value to a Point variable:

Rectangle box = { {0.0, 0.0}, 100, 200 };
Point center = findCenter (box);
printPoint (center);

The active code below uses the findCenter function. Run the code to see what the output is!

The output of this program is (50, 100).

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