1.5. Reflection

Time flies when you’re having fun! clipart of a clock with wings

Can you believe our first meeting of Virtual Technovation is already over?

1.5.1. Stand Up

Reflect on what you’ve learned. In your breakout room, you will be given 6 minutes to discuss the questions below and select someone in your group to report back your responses upon return to the main room.

  1. What’s a challenge you overcame today?

  2. What’s something you succeeded with today?

  3. What’s one thing you’re looking forward to learning next week?

1.5.2. Feedback

Last but not least, we need your feedback on today’s meeting in order to improve Virtual Technovation! Let us know what you liked, disliked, or would change.

1.5.3. Goodbye!

Thanks for making it a great week! We’re already excited for next Saturday—in the meantime, stay healthy and stay safe.

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