8.10. Exam 2 - Final

8.10.1. 1. Complete Student Activities

Review the information on the final exam.

8.10.2. 2. Review the Lesson Plan

This exam is at the end of the Mobile CSP curriculum. (This may occur after the AP Exam, depending on your school schedule. Note: Unless you are an AP pilot instructor, exams don't begin until Spring 2017.)

Members of the Teaching Mobile CSP Google group/forum (Sign up in Unit 1) have access to the Mobile CSP Assessments folder on Google Drive.

Please note that if you are participating in the Mobile CSP research project, the exam will be sent out electronically to your students. Please coordinate with either Pauline Lake or Cassandra Broneak via mobilecsp.trincoll@gmail.com. Most of the exam questions can be automatically graded, however, teachers will need to score the questions that require 1-3 sentence answers.

Exam Details

  • The exam is a mix of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and paragraph answer questions.
  • Students should review concepts in Units 1-7. You might want to take one or two class periods for review of the materials suggested to students.
  • The exam can be taken in 45-50 minutes, or one class period. (Note: The AP Exam will be 100 minutes in length.)
  • Students should not be allowed any outside materials such as the book, access to App Inventor, or to the Internet in general.
  • Students should be given access to the AP CSP exam reference sheet for use during the exam.
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