11.4. Earning Graduate Credit

Graduate Credit Information - 2021-22 Information Coming Soon!

The option below is available to 2019 and 2020 PD participants. Mobile CSP is now a part of the Computer Science Education certificate offered at the College of St. Scholastica and can be taken for graduate credit directly through the college. The 3 credit option described below can be substituted for EDU 6720 Computer Science Principles. 

The College of St. Scholastica in partnership with Mobile CSP will be offering a graduate credit option at a reduced rate for those teachers who participate in the professional development (PD). Current details are provided below. Completing the graduate course is optional; teachers do not need to enroll in the graduate course to participate in and complete the professional development. Applying for graduate credit is separate than completing registration for the PD. 

Using Graduate Credits in Your State: If you are seeking graduate credit for use as CEUs/CPDUs/Clock Hours, please check your state's Department of Education approved provider list and requirements. In some cases states require additional approval processes in order for CSS graduate credits to be accepted. Please contact us at csed@css.edu with any questions.

11.4.1. Overview:

Course Name and Number:
EDU 5777: CS Professional Development 

Credits: 1-3

Time Commitment: 40 - 45 hours per credit

Cost: $150.00 per credit
2 credits: $300.00
3 credits: $450.00

Prerequisite: Receive a Mobile CSP Certificate of Participation

11.4.2. Course Information:

In addition to our College Board endorsed curriculum, Mobile CSP also offers a professional development (PD) to teachers where they can learn the content of the course and how to effectively teach the materials to their high school level students. There are 2 tracks that teachers can take to complete the Mobile CSP training (Table A). Completing the graduate course is optional. Teachers do not need to complete graduate credit to participate in our offered professional development. However, successfully completing the PD is a prerequisite for enrolling in the Mobile CSP graduate level course. Teachers cannot enroll in the graduate level course without first completing the PD. Teachers must enroll in and complete the graduate level course to receive graduate credit (teachers will not be given graduate credit for simply completing the PD, enrollment in the graduate course is required to receive graduate credit).

Table A: Tracks for receiving graduate credit and completing the Mobile CSP training
Professional Development Only Graduate Course
Complete PD Lessons and Activities X X
Participate in regular meetings with cohort X X
Receive Certificate of Participation indicating training hours X X
Complete academic year assignments (fall) X
Receive graduate credit (contingent on meeting all requirements) X

The College of St. Scholastica EDU 5777: Mobile CSP graduate level course requires that teachers successfully completed the PD and includes a reflection component (completed by end of fall 2019) where teachers further develop their computer science content knowledge and ability to effectively teach the Mobile CSP curriculum. Depending on the PD format that teachers complete, they are eligible to receive 2-3 graduate credits after completing the PD and enrolling in the EDU 5777 course (Table B). To receive graduate credit, teachers must enroll in and complete all requirements of the EDU 5777 course which are in addition to the PD requirements.

Table B: Graduate credit offerings by type of PD completed
Some additional hours may be required for graduate credit
PD Model PD Hours Credit Amount
Immersion Professional Development Format 50 hours (online and in-person) 1 total
Extended Professional Development Format 90-100 hours (online and in-person) 2-3 total

11.4.3. Coursework:

1 credit Professional Development (PD) Graduate Credit 

  1. Students will reflect upon their summer professional development experience,

2 credits: All of the above + one of the following Applying Your Professional Learning assignments 

  1. Lesson Plan Implementation and Reflection (For An Existing Lesson Plan)
    Individual Assignment, as mutually agreed upon between instructor and student

3 credits: All of the above + Annotated Bibliography

  1. Conduct a review of literature on a relevant area of CS Education research (~10 pages)

  2. Complete additional coursework in the curriculum textbook (CSAwesome only)

11.4.4. Eligibility:

Must be a U.S. citizen or from the U.S. territories

To be eligible to earn graduate credit, you must complete the following:

  1. Participate in Mobile CSP PD
  2. Participate with other graduate student participants to complete reflection activities during the Fall semester
  3. Complete all activities by December

11.4.5. Apply Now!

Please apply by mid-August.

What do I Need to Apply:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Completed application (more information below)
  • Official transcript (more information below)

How Do I Apply?

  • Go here for more information.
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